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My Life So Far as Shannon Guest

I was born and raised in northern Kentucky with a strong connection to the Earth and all the nature beings upon it. I always found myself honoring the insects and all animals to the degree of not allowing myself to hurt them. This supported my attachment and connection to all ethereal beings over my lifetime. As I was growing up, I always had a desire to live in New York, so upon graduation from college, where my major was fashion design, I moved there and lived for 8 years.

My time in New York was particularly significant in my spiritual journey and a turning point. Living there opened up a whole new world to me of spiritual learning. Also, after going through a couple of major surgeries and radiation therapy, my body became hyper-sensitive to chemical medicines. This was a wonderful place to explore many different types of alternative healing techniques and natural medicines. New York is a magical place, and New Yorkers are phenomenal, but after 8 years my heart was missing my family and getting weary of the concrete. So I moved back home in 1997 and settled on a farm, where I could have a garden of my own. I truly believe that getting out into nature, as well as interacting with animals and wildlife, are healing to the soul.

After returning home, my Mom was taking an ongoing oil painting class and she invited me to join her. Our teacher taught us the basics, and pretty soon I could paint figures since I had some experience drawing them in college. My life-long curiosity to see what lies beyond this plane of existence and into another realm inspired the interest in painting ethereal beings. While living in New York to my amazement one night, fairies appeared to me, or what I believe to be fairies. The glow of them captured me and it was at this point, I set myself on a mission to paint them. In addition to being inspired to connect with fairies and all other ethereal beings on canvas, a wonderful and giving person, Karen Vaske, known as the "Angel Lady" ( supported my intention of this journey and guided me to trust my own intuitive and connective abilities, which surprisingly, assisted myself and Michelle Veder of K & M Creations to pursue unbelievable confirmations of connection with personal guardian angel and guide paintings (please share in Michelle's own personal enlightenment story at

It is due to these angelic connections and confirmations that have captured my interest in continuing this path. Also, I have found that the artwork I have created is assisting others in their own personal healing. I am so passionate about ethereal beings that I continue to develop my creative talents of painting and intuitive talents of connecting. In addition to these wonderful connective blessings, my life has been personally blessed with two perfect little rough and tumble boys and a husband who supports my eccentricities! We have two dogs and three cats, all of which are rescues.